ScanEngine Explorer contains a built-in database system. DataFiles are useful in scripts as an alternative to user defined script variables as a means of maintaining non-volatile value. While script variables are not maintained outside script execution and start anew with each script initiation, writing values to datafiles provides the means to maintain variable integrity through script and/or ScanEngine Explorer termination.

Further, ScanEngine Explorer's built-in database system provides a flexible record oriented database format. A datafile can be defined as any flexible combination of record fields, and any number of records can be added to a datafile. The datafile viewer panel serves as the user interface for creation & editing of datafile record definitions, and viewing & editing data stored in datafile records.

The ScanEngine Explorer built-in database system is like a mini-SQL without the need for any any external database system installed on your system. When ScanEngine Explorer is running, the database capability is active. However, it is lighter than SQL. Database record formats can only be edited or changed when a datafile is empty (which is supported in SQL). Nor is there any record locking mechanism for protection between potential multiple instances of ScanEngine Explorer (not required as long as separate instances of ScanEngine Explorer scripts do not access the same datafiles).

Further, integration of database inquiry is not provided through web services as available with SQL / Apache integration. The primary means of sharing ScanEngine Explorer script output is through logging or charting or having ScanEngine Explorer scripts write javascript data files which are readable via any running web services. However, a free standalone utility is available which provides web services with ScanEngine Explorer datafiles. Just as ScanEngine Explorer provides a built-in database system without the need for SQL, the available free utility provides web access with datafile integration without the need for any 3rd party web services.

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