ScanEngine Explorer is a collection of interconnected network tools that provides a unique capability not found anywhere else. This tool set has grown over the decades to meet my own specific general purpose needs ... they can accomplish virtually any networking function or task I ever needed to accomplish.

There are many networking programs in existence. There are innumerable individual networking tools (ping, port scan, tracroute, whois, etc), each with specific standalone functionality. There are suites comprising collections of individual networking tools which provide no interworking functionality. There are numerous high-end tools (MRTG, Nagios, etc) which combine numerous network functions to achieve specific tracking, discovery, charting, or monitoring tasks, but limited within each of these roles around the intended purpose of each.

ScanEngine Explorer is unique in that no specific target function sets boundaries around it's capability. It combines a ping tool, an snmp inquiry tool, an snmp MIB parser, an snmp MIB reference tool, a basic html fetch tool, an html page scraper, a network traffic packet monitor and log, a network traffic packet viewer, a database management tool, a scripting language, including both development and runtime environments, a charting tool, a send-email client, and a runtime statistics agent. All the tools interact with each other to provide an environment to accomplish anything as simple as pinging a destination to constructing virtually any continuous running network application one might imagine.

No networking program exists in the world matching the functionality of ScanEngine Explorer short of what an IT professional might build for himself out of Python or another Linux scripting language knitting together various individual, but configurable linux tools. Where ScanEngine Explorer beats them all is in providing a single application that provides all the tools, along with the power to knit them together in one integrated environment, runable on both windows or linux.

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