DataFile Viewer

ScanEngineExplorer includes a built-in database system. The DataFile Viewer panel is the interface to the database system, which fascilitates the creation of database files, and the creation, deletion, and edit of datafile records. Datafiles and their records may likewise be controlled via script thus permitting scripts to support non-volatile variables, as well as permitting scripts to operate on non-volatile arrays of objects. This provides the means for turning a simple script into a powerful management tool.

First, a word about DataFiles as supported in the ScanEngineExplorer database system. DataFiles are fixed length record datafiles such that individual records can be rewritten in place, so datafiles can be efficiently updated regardless of how large they might be. Plus, DataFiles can be flexibly constructed with any number of fields per record using the DataFile Viewer panel, which are then stored within the datafile header.

The DataFile Viewer has two modes, one for Header creation and editing, and another for datafile record creation and editing. The first control is a mode toggle between header and record modes.

DataFile controls

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