MIB Files

MIBs are defined in an ASN.1 syntax language. When working with a given device agent it is necessary for the program to digest, or parse, the MIB definition file for all managed objects supported by an agent in order to permit the user to work with MIBs by their given names.

Every MIB is uniquely defined by a numeric OID that is hierarchically assigned. However, SNMP does not require MIB names to be unique between different MIB definition files. In order to work with MIBs by name, the program parses a user defined set of MIB definition files and insures that no MIBs are named identically. If it finds duplicate names, it will change them to make them unique.

MIB files may or may not define hierarchical OIDs back to root level. Typically, MIB files only define OIDs from a significant hierarchical node which must be known or defined within another MIB file. As such, the order of parsing must insure that significant node definitions required by some MIB file be parsed (and defined) before it is referenced by another MIB file. For this purpose, the MIB Files panel has controls to determine a set order for parsing files in the MIB file set.

The MIB Files panel permits the user to select a set of available MIB definition files to be parsed. The user is permitted to add or delete from the set at any time, and re-parse the altered MIB File set.

MIB Files controls

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