MIB Reference

The MIB file contains more than merely the hierarchically defined ObjectID (OID) for each managed object. A MIB file actually contains a complete reference for each and every MIB. Simply referencing MIBs by their OIDs not only misses the convenience of referring to MIBs by their meaningfully labeled names, but never fully avails the wealth of reference definitions available on each and every MIB.

All the contained reference material on each and every MIB is automatically sorted when a MIB file is parsed. Selecting any MIB, via either MIB Tree or MIB Table, automatically accesses the MIB reference definition. The MIB definition for the selected MIB is displayed in the MIB Reference panel.

The MIB Reference panel is display only, and it's control is via selection from the MIB Tree or MIB Table. The description and syntax are exactly as found in the MIB file ... the program does not perform any reformatting of parsed MIB definition text fields.

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