MIB Tree

The MIB Tree panel displays SNMP MIBS, or Simple Network Management Protocol Managed Information Blocks, in a tree structure ordered by each MIBs OID, or Object IDentifier number. The panel has a single toggle control, and selecting / highlighting MIBs in the list may be used as selection control for various other panels such as the SNMP Fetch and MIB Reference panels.

The MIB Tree and MIB Table serve similar functions, each with their own strengths. Use the MIB Tree to locate a MIB by it's hierarchical assignment without having to know it's name. Use the MIB Table to most easily find a MIB by name without having to know it's hierarchical position.

MIB Tree controls

MIB Tree Entries

The MIB Tree entries themselves serve as selection control to other panels. Clicking a MIB in the MIB Tree selects that MIB for the MIB Reference Panel.

All "checked" markes can be cleared at once using the "clear" control on the SNMP Fetch Panel.

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