MIB files may or may not define hierarchical OIDs back to root level. Typically, MIB files only define OIDs from a significant hierarchical node which must be known or defined within another MIB file. For significant hierarchical node definitions required by some MIB file that are defined in another MIB file, the order of parsing is controllable in the MIB Files panel. But where no MIB file determines a required significant hierarchical node, the Roots Panel provides the ability to define these. When loading MIB files the Roots Panel definitions are loaded first, insuring that all required significant nodes are defined before MIB file parsing.

The program comes with a default roots definition containing the significant roots for mgmt (required for MIB-II) and enterprises. As seen from the image on this page, the format is one line per root, with name followed by root OID, with name and OID separated by a single space.

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