The script panel is an interactive workspace for constructing, testing, and executing scripts, or programs of ScanEngineExplorer actions. Virtually any action that ScanEngineExplorer can do can be automated through a script.

While ScanEngineExplorer can fetch a web page, interrogate an SNMP agent, or ping a destination, using a script an action can be automatically repeated, the results logged, tabulated, or charted, and actions customized based upon the results of any operation. It is through scripts that ScanEngineExplorer can transition from a mere network exploration tool into a powerful management capability.

The script panel permits the user to easily arrange any sequence of program commands. The script system automatically keeps track of the capabilities or syntax for you so that the user doesn't need to be an experience programmer. However, with the power to automate virtually any action, scripts can be as simple or complicated as the user desires. In order to keep things managable, the script system provides the ability to single-step through script execution while providing complete visibility of everything at every step, thus assisting even the novice to successfully create working scripts.

Script controls

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