Personality Startup BatchFile

With NotePad or any text editing program, create a BatchFile named personality.bat in the ScanEngineExplorer program directory. To start the program with a preconfigured personality, add the personality name as a run-time argument.

Insert a single line into the BatchFile:

Batch File
ScanEngineExplorer.exe personality

Personality names should not have embedded spaces, but if you wish to they may. Be sure to enclose the personality name in quotes if the name containes spaces.

Insert a single line into the BatchFile:

Batch File
ScanEngineExplorer.exe "personality name"

Batch files like this launch a command window. A better way to launch that skips displaying any waiting command window:

Batch File
@echo off
@start "" /d "%~dp0" "%~dp0\ScanEngineExplorer.exe" "personality"

Essentially, for any specific purpose, ScanEngine Explorer can be configured to startup with a specific workspace, load & parse a specific list of MIB definitions, load a specific set of HTML scripts, load a specific script, and/or automatically start script execution, all while maintaining independent run-time statistics on communication transactions and script executions.

Use either a batch file or shortcut to create an icon that will start the program with a preconfigured personality. For 24/7/365 intended purpose, the personalized batchfile can be inserted in the windows start-up folder for automatic personalized ScanEngine Explorer startup whenever windows starts. The location of the startup folder varies between different versions of Windows. You will need to determine where this is for your specific version of Windows.

Please note that the above batch file example uses the macro %~dp0, which puts the path as the executable path for the batch file. If you want to place the batch file in another location than the program folder, you will need to substitute this for the full-path of the ScanEngine Explorer program location.

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