ScanEngine Explorer is intended to be customized to various specific purposes. For each purpose, the program can be configured to maintain independent program preferences, statistics, MIB definition load file, HTML script load file. Further, the program can be directed to assume any preconfigured personality at load time.

When you run ScanEngine Explorer, it loads a default personality defined by:

preferences/default.dfmdefault program preferences
MIB/default.txtdefault MIB file list
HTML/default.txtdefault HTML parsing script list
statistics/default.dfmdefault program statistics

When the program has been tailored to a given purpose, retain that tailoring as a personality. Make copies of these 4 personality files as:

preferences/personality.dfmpersonality program preferences
MIB/personality.txtpersonality MIB file list
HTML/personality.txtpersonality HTML parsing script list
statistics/personality.dfmpersonality program statistics

Essentially, for any specific purpose, ScanEngine Explorer can be configured to startup with a specific workspace, load & parse a specific list of MIB definitions, load a specific set of HTML scripts, load a specific script, and/or automatically start script execution, all while maintaining independent run-time statistics on communication transactions and script executions.

To start the program with a preconfigured personality, add the personality name as a run-time argument. Use either a batch file or shortcut to create an icon that will start the program with a preconfigured personality. For 24/7/365 indented purpose, a personalized batchfile can be inserted in the windows start-up folder for automatic personalized ScanEngine Explorer startup whenever windows starts.

When running ScanEngine Explorer, if it was started with a personality the name of the personality will be displayed on the program title bar as ScanEngine Explorer - personality. If it was started without a personality, the title bar will simply read ScanEngine Explorer -.

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