Copying and Pasting Commands

Anticipating that network monitor and/or control functions may often be composed of multiple groups of commands which vary little between each instance, the Script Panel provides a set of built-in copy and paste capabilities. The are provided via a Copy tool button and a Paste tool button.

When any group of cells are highlighted, all the highlighted command lines may be copied to a clipboard with the Copy button. It is not necessary that the highlighted area include all columns in a group. All columns are copied.

Command lines in the clipboard may either be pasted over another highlighted group of commands, or inserted in front of any other highlighted location. As long as the clipboard has copied content and a section of the script is highlighted, the Paste button provides either means. When the

Paste button is clicked the script panel will ask whether the clipboard should replace the currently highlighted commands or be inserted in front. Specifically, the Script Panel asks whether the highlighted section should be deleted, so Yes replaces the highlighted section while No inserts in front of the highlighted section.

Copy and Paste is the provided function as opposed to Cut and Paste. To Cut and Paste one would need to re-highlight the original lines and click the Delete tool button. The original lines can be safely deleted before pasting them to a new place, as long as they are pasted before being replaced in the clipboard with a new Copy.

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