Logging Basics

ScanEngine Explorer provides several different ways to log. This description provides basics to the different logging functions. There are 3 different scriptable logging commands:


The Log command adds a timestamped line to the log file containing all the values in the value column of the message contents panel. Whenever an snmp agent is polled for the same objects, or a web page is scraped for the same contents, the values are found in the values column of the message contents panel. The line added to the log begins with the timestamp, followed by each row in the values column separated by comma. If the log doesn't yet exist, a first line is created from the object column ... which would be the names of each row. Such a log file is readily importable into excel.


When a different object is extracted from every message, such as when snmp walking, the ObjectValueLog command adds a timestamped line to the log file containing the 1st row of the message contents panel. Intended for snmp walking rather than web fetching, the object name entry is logged TWICE, first as numeric OID, and second as object name.


The Textlog command simply appends a new line of text to a text log file ... no timestamp, no content from the message content panel. The TextLog command permits virtually any text content to be programatically created and logged to file. TextLog commands provide the text to be programatically created from expressions of any literal, global program variable, or temporary script variable. Its intended purpose is to create html or javascript readable web content, but can create any textual content the user might conceive.

Replacing log files

While all the scriptable logging functions append to a designated file, for continuously repeating scripts it is often desired to produce a new log content on each pass. The Rename Log, Rename Textlog, Delete Log, and Delete Textlog provide the ability to create a new logfile on each execution, and then delete / replace the original.

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