Right Click Basics

Right mouse clicking anywhere within a script brings up a context sensitive right click menu. The contents of the menu depend upon the object clicked.

Every right click menu begins with global selections followed by context sensitive selections. The global selections are always the same, and provide the selection of deleting the row, inserting a comment (blank line), or inserting a new command.

When right clicking on a command, the context sensitive portion of the right click menu provides the choice of any available command. When selected, the command and all the elements on the command line will reflect the syntax for the selected command.

When right clicking on a variable, the context sensitive portion of the right click menu provides the choices of any global variable, followed by any user created variables, followed by field names of any currently open datafile.

When right clicking on an expression, the context sensitive portion of the right click menu provides the same choice of varaible. Sometimes all one wants in an expression is the value of a variable. Once a variable has been selected for an expression, right clicking again provides the opportunity to re-choose a different variable. However, expressions can be much more complex, operating on any number of variables using functions or math. Once anything more has been added to an expression right click will not provide choice of variables.

Expressions can be edited freely. Left clicking twice on an expression provides a cursor for adding or editing. While the insert cursor is present, the ScanEngine Explorer context sensitive right click menu is not available. Although a variable can be initially inserted into an expression, editing the expression or adding other variables must be done by hand. Should the expression be deleted, right click context becomes available again. Using the initial right click menu can be used as a shortcut for entering a variable, while the expression can then be expanded manually with double left click.

Right clicking on the comparison field of an If statement provides selection of available comparison operators.

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