Scripting Files

Scripts are saved in the script folder, and bear a .txt file extension. As text files they are ordinary text files, and can be opened for viewing or editing in any text editor the user may desire, such as NotePad.

Scripts can be built, edited, and interactively debugged in the Script Panel of ScanEngine Explorer. The Script Panel assists by provides a structure that only creates syntactically correct script instructions. This is an intentional goal for ScanEngine Explorer's scripting system as not everybody is an experienced programmer and this should not represent a bar for non-programmers to create script functions.

Experienced programmers will readily recognize the intentional limitations of the Script Panel on their ability to author and edit scripts. For this exact reason ScanEngine Explorer employs a completely textual script format that where scripts can be authored or edited at will in any textual editing program the programmer desires. Outside of the ScanEngine Explorer controlled environment, it is left to the experienced programmer to generate syntactically correct scripted instructions. Towards this end, a few notes are appropriate regarding the format of saved text scripts.

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