The Scripting section of the user manual is more in depth explanation of how the scripting features of ScanEngine Explorer ties all the capabilities of ScanEngine Explore together to accomplish actions. It covers all aspects of scripting:

ScanEngine Explorer employs a means for automating program actions via scripts. However, the capability is provided in a manner intentionally designed to be simpler than authoring programs in a computer language. To those unfamiliar with computer language there is no need to correctly compose script in a valid computer syntax as the Script Panel automatically manages all aspects of syntax automatically. There is no compilation process but rather an interactive interpreter system that provides immediate validation of actions in single-step fashion. However, those who are fluent in composing programs in computer languages may find the structures limiting. Nevertheless, the current generation of ScanEngine Explorer purposefully offers a structured scripting environment to side on simplicity for non-programmers.

The scripting system is meant to offer a middle ground between an automation system of ScanEngine Explorer actions and a full complexity scripting language. If / Else logical testing and branching is offered, but Looping constructs (For / While) are not. Perpetual script repetition is provided as a global looping construct, which can be logically terminated. The target for ScanEngine Explorer is to provide the means for constructing 24/7/365 continuous monitor or control scripted actions as well as providing the means to repeat actions for lists or sets of objects while requiring a minimum understanding of programming.

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