WebPage Scraping Script Creation or Edit

Editing an EXISTING Webpage scraping script

Webpage scraping script editing is easy. The first step is to:

The HTTP webpage scraping script is automatically loaded into the HTTP Script panel. Remember that changes need to be saved using the SAVE icon on the HTTP Script panel before changes go into effect.

Creating a NEW Webpage scraping script

Since interactive editing & testing of an HTTP webpage scraping script requires a fetched page, to create a new webpage scraping script the first step is to fetch the page. This is accomplished with the Web Fetch panel. Enter the IP, page, and port for the webpage, and select a sitename which will become associated with this page. The sitename can be associated with other existing pagename scripts, but the sitename:pagename must be unique (or there'd already be a script for this page).

Remember, scripts not appearing in the HTTP Script Tree panel doesn't necessarily mean there aren't scripts. Remember to check in the HTTP Script Files panel ... scripts may have been previously created for a sitename but simply not selected for loading.

When the webpage scraping script is saved it will appear in the HTTP Script Tree panel ... if the sitename is included in the HTTP Script Files panel. If this is the first webpage scraping script for this sitename, then the saved script will not appear until you

Then the new script will appear in the HTTP Script Tree panel.

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