SNMP Walking

All MIBs are ordered numerically. While the MIB Table lists all loaded MIB definitions alphabetically, the MIB Tree lists all loaded MIB definitions in numerical order. SNMP Walking is the act of sequentially reading objects in their numerical order.

One can interrogate sequential objects by entering sequential OIDs into subsequent Get inquiries, which is a poll for the OID contained in the Get request. SNMP has an alternative request format which is uniquely designed for reading numerically sequential objects, called the Next request. The Next inquiry is a poll for object with the next numeric OID following the one contained in the request. All one needs to do is repeatedly ask for the Next object following the last one received.

Open the same panels as for SNMP fetching:

Alternately, simply select and load the SNMP Fetch workspace. ScanEngine Explorer comes with a collection of pre-configured workspaces which included one called SNMP Fetch with an arrangement of MIB Tree, SNMP Fetch, Message Log, and Message Content panels.

To interrogate an object by SNMP, enter target info on the SNMP Fetch panel

Click the Next button on the SNMP Fetch panel sends the inquiry, and the inquiry appears in the message log panel.

Either the target will reply, with the reply appearing in the message log panel and the content of the reply appearing in the message content panel, or a timeout will occur should no reply be received within the specified timeout interval.

If the target replied, the reply contains the object that immediately followed the object from the request. Reclicking the Next button would simply repeat the previous request for the same object. Rather than manually changing the selection to the next object from the Tree, subsequent Next requests can automatically be sent with the last OID received by using the SNMP Walk button. Each press of the SNMP Walk button will request the next sequential object.

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