Multiple MIB Modules

While all MIB modules are supposed to follow a common structure, known as Abstract Syntax Notation, or ASN.1, MIB definitions are written by different people, that work for different companies, and it's readily possible for objects in different MIB modules to be named identically even though they all have unique OID numbers. This is no different than finding identically named John Smith in different phone directories, each with their own unique phone number. Or with the new number portability where people "keep their number" it's possible for the same John Smith to appear in different phone directories with the same unique phone number.

ScanEngine Explorer can automatically handle both these conditions for you. If it finds the same MIB name with the same OID in different MIB modules, it will simply ignore the duplicates. On the other hand if it finds the same MIB name defined in different modules each with different OIDs it will automatically rename the identical MIB. For example, if you load a phone directory with John-Smith in Chicago, and try to load another directory for New York that is found to contain a John-Smith with unique number, then New-York-John-Smith is entered in its place. In terms of MIB, a unique OID repeated name is entered with it's hierarchical tree parent name appended as prefix.

For example, "system" is a well known MIB name in the internet standard mib-2 module. But if you attempt to load the mib-2 module and an enterprise MIB from Frogfoot networks, you discover that Frogfoot named one of their MIBS "system" as well ... specifically servers.1. When loaded into ScanEngine Explorer, presuming mib-2 module is loaded first, the appearance in the Frogfoot enterprise MIB will automatically be renamed "serverssystem" ... a concatenation adding the parent branch name as prefix. A program log entry will be generated whenever name duplicate correction is performed.

However, it's pretty darn easy to choose for yourself how you wish name duplicates to be resolved. MIB definitions are simple text files. Once you detect a name duplicate, it's trivial to open one of the MIB definition and change a name. In my opinion "system" is better known as a MIB in the mib-2 module, so I simply chose to open the frogfoot MIB definition and do a find / replace of "system" for "Fsystem" ... save ... and the duplicate is now gone upon reloading the MIBs in ScanEngine Explorer. The duplicate in the frogfoot MIB is now changed to Fsystem.

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