Referencing MIBs by Script

Whether objects have been scraped from a received webpage, or objects have been parsed from an SNMP message, objects in the Message Contents panel can be acted upon by script. Whenever there are contents in the Message Contents panel (scraped from a webpage or received SNMP message), any expression on the script panel can reference those object values.

The syntax for referencing an object value on the Message Contents panel is as

Since the way MIBs are parsed depends upon how MIB roots are defined and whether MIB definitions are loaded, this impacts how the MIBs must be referenced in script. The references to MIBs in script must match how they the objects are depicted in the Message Contents panel. In the example below, MIB definitions are loaded for the MIB-II module as ifInOctets and ifOutOctets are parsed from a received BulkGet response. In the script, visible references can be seen that read Object.ifOutOctets.1. Should only roots have been loaded, the references would have had to match the full suffix.

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