Working with MIBs by mibname

When MIB definition files are loaded for a MIBs module, ScanEngine Explorer will display MIBs by proper mibname. For example, by loading the MIB definitions for the standard MIB-II module, a message containing 2 objects (ifInOctets.1 and ifOutOctets.1) would display as shown.

ifInOctets.1 is ifInOctets for interface 1, and ifOutOctets.1 is ifOutOctets for interface 1. ScanEngine Explorer displays them by their true mibname with index as suffix.

When a MIB within a message is displayed by mibname, it can be mouse highlighted to automatically lookup the MIB reference from the MIB module definition, displayable on the MIB Reference Panel.
In addition to received message content being automatically displayed by mibname, ScanEngine Explorer permits the selection of objects by name for composing request messages. For example, to request ifInOctets and ifOutOctets, all one needs to do is select them from the loaded MIB tree on the MIB Tree Panel, where currently selected objects are automatically displayed as "checked".

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