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Think you've found a bug?
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About this section

Post by Justin » Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:51 am

Found a bug or have some other strange behavior happening in DisplayClone?
I want to hear about it!

Of course we're going to get any bug that you've discovered taken care of & patched up as fast as we can, yet in posting it here you may also help other users that are witnessing similar things. The forums may also help in speeding up collecting data from those who suffer the same issue.

-While this forum is entirely for bug reports, you are free to inquire on any behavior here that you suspect is incorrect and I will investigate it. Don't be shy!

You're also free to report any issues that you have by email here:

As issues are addressed I'll eventually lock the problem report threads, and announce that they have been addressed both on the forums and in the software "Change Log".