Which capture method should I use?  DirectX or GDI?


-The implementation of the DX (DirectX) capture method guarantees that the display's backbuffer is read.  The GDI implementation on the otherhand may or may not pull the captured image directly from the backbuffer.


-GDI has a slightly lower memory overhead than the DX capture method.  The DirectX capture needs an additional texture (for quick capture of the backbuffer's contents) to remain allocated in video memory, and the size of that buffer depends on the color depth and resolution of the primary display.


-Both the DX and GDI capture methods in practice have similar performance (due to the bottleneck of transfer through system-memory), yet on some drivers one may run faster than the other.


-GDI capture tends to be more reliable for applications running in OpenGL fullscreen mode.


-DX capture has a tendancy to cause more stuttering of the host-system on older hardware.



In summary: Run whichever works best for you and your software.


GDI is the default mode selected because of best hardware compatibility, but DX capture tends to have better software compatibility.




How long of a turnaround should I expect on purchasing a business license?


As of 10/11/2017, business licenses are no longer required for use of DisplayClone.



I'm having problems registering the product, what should I do?


First verify that you have the latest version of the product by attempting a software update.


If the program still won't register, then please write us so that we can work to solve your specific issue:



I've encountered a bug or have some other issue, how do I contact support?


You can either email us:


Or you can visit our forums.



I have more than two displays connected to my PC, which monitors will DisplayClone use?


In the case of many displays being connected to a PC, DisplayClone will always clone the "primary" display to the display configured to extend desktop closest to the right of it.



How do I configure my displays that are connected to my PC for DisplayClone?  (in the Windows OS)


Nothing special here like using the Windows built-in Clone-Mode.