About ScanEngine Explorer

The Internet links millions of servers and devices. We often think of the Internet as putting movie schedules, facebook pages, encyclopedias, and news articles at our fingertips. But the Internet is increasingly adding refrigerator temperature, thermostat controls, television control panels, and lighting controls to the growing list of Internet accessible ensemble. In short, there are untold numbers of smart devices which can be monitored or remote controlled through their connection to the Internet, including many in your own home.

Internet Of Things

Complex devices often use the Internet as a means for the user to monitor or configure. This provides the convenience of using a computer or smartphone to setup or monitor network interconnected devices. This also creates new opportunities. Were you able to watch multiple interconnected devices on a continuous basis, what might you be able to do? ScanEngine Explorer provides you the engine to continuously scan Internet connected devices or websites and automate actions of your choosing.

ScanEngine Explorer Network

ScanEngine Explorer provides you with everything you need to tie anything accessible by Web or Simple Network Management Protocol together. Today, almost everything comes with a network interface. Things that don't can often be made network accessible with the addition of a simple module. This includes almost anything in your home or business: water heaters, refrigerators, radios, smoke detectors, televisions, computers, switches, controls, etc.